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Borromeo Islands

The Borromed Islands, located in the middle of Lago Maggiore, include three main islands (Isola Madre, the biggest one, Isola Bella, , Isola dei Pescatori, where the main activity was fishing), a small island. San Giovanni and a rock, Malghera.

Isola Bella: built in 1632, the Palace and the Gardens are the main attraction of the Lago Maggiore. In the first floor of the Palace there are several rooms with their original ambience. In the Gardens, that are 35 meters tall and have 10 terraces, there are several species of plants, trees.

Isola Madre: it's the biggest Borromeo Island, and probably the most beautifull due to the spectacular garden full of rare plants, flowers and birds.
Isola Pescatori: it has been the first island to be colonized, and is full of small and cosy roads that make this one on the most romantic places on the lake. You can walk around and choose a restaurant where you can eat great fish. The small church on the island is dedicated to S. Vittore and has been built at the beginning of the XIth century.
How to get there: with a Ferry, to be taken at Laveno (15 minutes from B&B Le Camelie). Informations at 800.551.801


Villa Taranto

The Botanic Gardens of Villa Taranto had been built in 1931 when a Scottish gentleman, captain Neil Boyd McEacharn, bought from Marchesa di Sant’Elia the property called “La Crocetta” with the goal of transforming it in one of the most beautifull botanic gardens in the world. McEacharn renamed the property “Villa Taranto” due to and anchester of him who Napoleon called Duke of Taranto.

How to get there: with a Ferry, to be taken at Laveno (15 minutes from B&B Le Camelie). Informations 800.551.801


Santa Caterina del Sasso

The story says that in 1170 a rich merchant called Alberto dei Besozzi di Arolo who was sailing the sea, was caught by a storm. Not knowing what to do, he entrusted S. Caterina to protect him, and this way he escaped death. Once in the mainland, he decided to dedicate his life to S. Caterina, and build a monastery in the rocks, just next to the lake.
The monastery has been fully restored in 1986, and is certainly one of the most beautifull places in the Lago Maggiore, and a "must do" for every visitor of this area

How to get there: 5 minuti by car from Laveno, direction South just next to the Lake. There is a parking, and you can easily reach the monastery with the stairs (268 steps) or with an elevator.



All the area around Lago Maggiore is perfect for hanging around with a motorcycle; clean roads, turns, sights, a lot to see around. Check out all the East coast of the lake, from Angera to Switzerland, and all the mountains around.

If you're staying more days, you can consider a visit to Lago d'Orta or to Lago di Como for a daytrip.


All the mountains around Brissago and Luino are perfect for mountain-bike trips, from amateurs to pros. Just tell us what you want to do and we can give you the contact details to rent mountain-bikes and get a guide.


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